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We're a team of experienced bartenders with a purpose: to introduce fully-customized craft cocktails to the events industry.

At the beginning of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, a couple out-of-work craft bartenders joined forces to build a service that treats cocktail offerings with just as much care, detail, and beauty as other important decisions... like choosing the perfect wedding dress, or designing the ideal cake. 

There's no pre-set formula, or catalog of cocktails that we choose from. That wouldn't help us provide the fully-customized beverage experiences that we pride ourselves on. We want to learn about you and your guests before any drinks are made...

Because that's who we care about- the people 'behind the sip.'

Whether 'big' or 'small,' any celebration is an occasion to do something special. Reach out to Vanessa or Jason, and find out how we can bartend the event of your dreams!

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